Alvdal in Hedmark Region, Norway
(Wooden things)

Encumeada, Madeira, Portugal
(Ballpoint pens)

South of Lake Aur, Lesja, Norway

Kvikne hotel, Balestrand, Norway
(Holder for Visiting Cards)

At Lake Atna, Hedmark, Norway

Grønbakktjønn, Dovre, Norway
(Photo: E. Hegerholm)

Sunset at beach in De Panne, Belgium

Small lake at Dørålseter, Dovre, Norway

English Sergeant at a
Parade at Dovre Cemetary, Norway
(Neck ties)

A F-5 and a F-16 at Lindesnes Lighthouse, Norway
(Photo: R. Holm/Rygge FLST)

The tigerpainted F-5 from
336 Ssquadron, Norway
(Patches: Air Force)
(Photo: R. Holm/Rygge MAS)

Einbu Valley, Folldal, Norway
(Pewter products)

At the Fundindam outlet,
Folldal, Norway
(Photo: K. Hegerholm)

Sunset at Grønbakkan, Dovre, Norway

Temple Hagar Qim,
5000 BC, Malta

River Otta at Holungsøy, Vågå, Norway
(Folding Cups)

From Hjerkinn Shooting Range, Dovre, Norway

Krysuvik, Iceland

Marsaxlokk harbour, Malta
(Plates, cups etc)

Nike Hercules Rrocket
McGregor Range, USA

Musai Valley, Afghanistan

Newly fallen Snow, Lom, Norway
(Photo: K. Hegerholm)

Nike Battery, McGregor Range, USA
(Service badges)

Sunset above the North Sea
(Reflector Vests)

The New Opera, Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway

Red Tower, Malta

Pico da fonte do Barro, Madeira, Portugal
(Hooded sweat shirts)

Underground HQ from WW2, Sel, Oppland, Norway
(Visiting Cards)

A rest at Ribeira Brava, Madeira, Portugal

Autumn in the mountians, Oppland, Norway
(Reflector products)

Rondane at
The Per Gynt Hut, Oppland, Norway

Høgronden, Midtronden og Digerronden peaks, Dovre, Norway

Old and new, Salina Bay, Malta
(Tie Clips)

Saltstraumen, Bodø, Norway

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Seltjarnarnes, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sao Vicente, Madeira, Portugal
(Drinking bottles)

Seagull, Skagerak, Denmark

The Road to Seixal, Madeira, Portogual

Skogafoss, Iceand
(Table flags)

Snøhetta Mountain, Oppland, Norway

Sunset at Einsethø, Dovre, Norway

Gullfoss, Iceland
(Thomsen-military mugs)

Dovre Mountain Plateau, Oppland, Norway

San Bernardino pass,
Italy - Switzerland

Bryce Canyon, USA
(Photo: Frank Martinsen)

Garda Lake, Italy

Winterwiew from our cabinwindow,
Dovrefjell, Norway

Vogar, Iceland

A quiet sunday in Torrevieja, Spain
(Photo: K. Hegerholm)

Tofte field, Dovre, Norway
(Wrist Watches)

Troll Wall, Rauma, Norway
(Picnic boxes)

Keflavik, Iceland
(Writing sets in boxes)

Vatnajøkull, Iceland
(Fleece jackets)

US Special Forces,
Parade at Dovre cemetary, Norway

Oslo harbour, Norway
(Insulating cups)

St Pauls Bay Promenade, Malta

At Fort Manoel, Valetta, Malta
(Patches: Navy

Bagram, Afghanistan
International Operations)
(Poto: US Army:
Sgt 1 class Dexter D. Clouden)

Grønbakkene, Dovre, Norway
(Openingpage: Crests, Service Badges and Medals)

Einunn Valley, Folldal, Norway
(Patches: Armed Forces Joint Offices)

Grimsdal Valley, Oppland, Norway
(Patches: National Guard)